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Ocean Sands K-9 Resort is the Outer Banks Vacation Destination For 
K-9's and Felines.  Boarding, Day Stays, Bark or Meow By The Hour, GoPro Cam, Videos, Self Serve Dog Wash, Board Games, Crate Rental and Much More. 

At Ocean Sands K-9 Resort, our staff is committed to providing each guest with daily health observations, appropriate outdoor time, clean accommodations, hugs, kisses, butt scratching, belly rubbing, and cuddling. 

We proudly accept all ages, all special needs both physical and behavioral, sizes, colors of fur, and breeds.  Our staff welcomes all guests with open arms and believe every life is worth being treasured.

While Your Furry Family Member Is Our Guest, You Are Welcome To Visit Anytime During Office Hours, Pick Up For Field Trips, Come And Play In Our Large Secure Play Yard, Or Just Come In And Rub And Hug.

 Before choosing Ocean Sands K-9 Resort, or any care setting, for your FURfamily, we suggest you check their license, randomly call Veterinarians in their area and ask about the facility and look at their online Social Media. We believe a picture speaks a 1000 words and pictures are a helpful tool to see our guests. We provide a Facebook Icon right here on our home page that all you do is click. You don't even need a Facebook account or log in. We post pictures of every guest that is with us during picture time. 

AND...Each Guest Enjoys A Special Bedtime Treat Each Night.




Monday - Saturday
9a - 4:30p

     *   Check In - Noon-4:30p
     *   Check Out - 9a - Noon
     *   Visits - 9a-4:30p

The Office is * Closed Sunday's 
and Listed Holiday's.

  *  Check in/out and visits are   
      available when the office
      is closed with a pre-scheduled 
      appointment 9a-11a and 2p-4p.
Extra Fee's Apply

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