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Take Advantage Of Ocean Sands K-9 Resort's Open Door Policy While Your Pet Is A Guest. 

Settle Your Pet In Their Kennel Upon Arrival
Any Time During Office Hours, Pick Up And Drop Off As Much As You Like
Come For A Visit And Enjoy Some Play Time In Our Large Play Yard

To Make A Reservation
If you would like to make a reservation- 

     *  Call or email your Pets name, size, and dates of check in and out.  We will 
         check our availability and let you know what we have available.  We will  
         hold a phone or internet reservation for 48 hrs.
     *  If you return your filled out boarding agreement form within the 48 hr hold
         period by fax or email, you will receive an email reservation confirmation.
     *  When your check in/out date falls on Sunday or a Holiday, scheduled 
         appointments are necessary and an additional $20 After Hours Service 
         Charge is applied in addition to any and all other charges.

    *  Once you receive written confirmation, you have up to 7 days prior to your                 check in date to cancel and/or modify the reservation in writing without    
        having to pay for the confirmed boarding reservation dates.  
    *  Reservations received and confirmed within 7 days of the check in date are 
        responsible for payment in full for the boarding dates reserved and  
Boarding Fee's - $30.00 for each Noon - Noon period.  
Check in is Noon-4:30 and Check out is 9a-Noon

Day Stay - $25.oo / 9a-4:30p

Bark-By-The-Hour - $5.00 per hour

After Hours Service Charge - $20.00 per service

Amenities are listed on the Boarding Agreement Form.  Please click the Boarding Agreement Form link to view the amenities and prices.

Click on the link under Boarding Agreement Forms to view all fee's charged.

Fee's include Bedding Towels, Regular Potty Breaks between 7:30a-5:00p, Potty Break 6p-7p, 1/2 hour morning and afternoon outdoor playtime, and medication administration.  

​After Office Hours Services include Check In/Out, Pick Up/Drop Off and Visits. 
In addition to the service fee, all other applicable boarding rates apply.

Boarding Agreement Forms

To confirm a reservation, a signed Initial Boarding Agreement form or Repeat Boarding Agreement form must submitted to Ocean Sands K-9 Resort with the 
48 hr hold period.

            Click HERE to download Initial Boarding Agreement Form
            Click HERE to download Repeat Boarding Agreement Form 

Current  Rabies Vaccination is required by North Carolina.

Kennel Cough - We encourage you speak to your veterinarian to learn about this respiratory illness that is common when dogs are in a communal setting such as boarding, day care, training, dog parks, grooming salons, veterinarian visits, even walks with mom and dad.  

Please click HERE for information from Ocean Sands K-9 Resort.

Please consult with your Veterinarian to find out if there are          
           additional vaccinations they suggest.

What To Bring

Food -                   It is preferred you bring your pets food.  If not, 
                               food will be provided for an additional cost.

Comort Items -   You are welcome to bring Bedding, Clothing 
                               Item with your scent, Toys, Treats, or any item 
                               you feel might comfort your pet.  We are   
                               not responsible  for items left with your pet.

Medications -      It is a good idea to provide extra in case 
                               you pet needs to stay longer than you reserved.

Registration and Vaccination Forms - We can not accept 
                                any guest without the Boarding Agreement    
                                forms and Vaccination Records.

Label All Items Left With Your Pet

Your K-9's Vacation


During your furry family members stay, you are welcome to pick up and drop off as much as you like 9a-4:30p. You are welcome in the kennel area as long as you have signed a Kennel Access Authorization.  Please click HERE to view and download the form.  You are welcome to download and submit the form with your boarding paperwork, bring it with you at check in, or fill them out at check in.  Everyone in your party that wants access to the kennel restricted area needs to have an authorization on file.

We also have 4 secure play yards available if you would prefer to hang out  here and enjoy some time together.  The play yards are available Noon-1p Monday - Saturday for you to use.

Appointments are never needed to visit, or pick up and drop off during office hours.

Field Trips

During field trips, remember drinking Ocean Water, eating Sand and  Critters may cause digestive isses.  

Your pet may also encounter Sand Spurs which may get caught in their fur, or in the paw pads.

Remember to give your pet lots of fresh water and shade.  And never leave your pet in a car.

Pets who are not returned during office hours can be brought in the following day during office hours unless prior arrangements for after hours drop off has been made.​  There is an additional charge for services after office hours.