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Take Advantage Of Ocean Sands K-9 Resort's Open Door Policy While Your Pet Is A Guest. 

Settle Your Pet In Their Kennel Upon Arrival
Any Time During Office Hours,  Come For A Visit, Enjoy Some Play Time In One Of Our Play Yards, 
or Pick Up Your Pet For A Day Of Fun On The Outer Banks

To Make A Reservation
If you would like to make a reservation- 

    *   Call or email your Pets name, size, age, and dates of check in and out.  
         We will let you know what accommodations are available.  The reservation  
         will be held for 48 hrs.
    *  Vaccination records are due at the same time you forward your boarding  
        agreement form.
    *  If you return your filled out boarding agreement form and vaccination         record within the 48 hr hold period by fax or email, you will be emailed an
        E-invoice with a Pay Now button to use to pay the invoice directly online              (Non-residents only).  
    *  Invoices are for boarding charges only.  Amenities and after hours service 
        charges will be charged during the stay and are charged at check out.
    *  Once payment is made, you will receive an email reservation confirmation.

    *   If you cancel any or all of the reservation 7 days prior to your check in date 
         via fax or email, pre-payment will be refunded for the cancelled dates.  Your  
        fee will be refunded within 10 days of written cancellation.
    *  If you cancel all or part of the reservation within 7 days of your check in date 
        through the check out date, you will not receive any refund.


Boarding Fee's - $40.00 for each Noon - Noon period.   

Day Stay - $30.oo / 9a-4:30p

Bark-By-The-Hour - $5.00 per hour

After Hours Service Charge - $25.00 per service

Amenities are listed on the Boarding Agreement Form.  Please click the Boarding Agreement Form link to view the amenities and prices.

Click on the link under Boarding Agreement Forms to view all fee's charged.

Fee's include Bedding, Regular Potty Breaks between 7:30a-6p, 1/2 hour individual morning and afternoon outdoor playtime,meal service, medication administration, daily health observation, and lots of petting.  

​After Office Hours Services include Check In/Out, Pick Up/Drop Off and Visits. 
In addition to the service fee, all other applicable boarding rates apply.

Boarding Agreement Forms

Please use the link below to access the boarding agreement form - 

            Click HERE to download Initial Boarding Agreement Form
            Click HERE to download Repeat Boarding Agreement Form 

As soon as you plan your pets stay, check their vaccinations.  We encourage you to consult with your Veterinarian prior to leaving your pet in the care of a boarding facility, pet sitter, or other care setting.  

We require all Core vaccinations to be current in addition to Bordetella. These are typical vaccinations that are sometimes bundled together that you may not be aware your pet has been vaccinated for.  Check with your Veterinarian if you are unsure.

If your pet has aged out of particular vaccinations or you have a titers, you can provide the document in lieu of the vaccinations.

North Carolina law does not permit any exemptions or exclusions from the rabies vaccination.  Please call the North Carolina Department of Health for any questions regarding the rabies vaccination.

What To Bring

Food -                   It is preferred you bring your pets food.  If not, 
                               food will be provided for an additional cost.

Comort Items -   You are welcome to bring Bedding, Clothing 
                               Item with your scent, Toys, Treats, or any item 
                               you feel might comfort your pet.  We do not                                permit toys which have plastic eye's, noses, or                                plastic inside. We are not responsible  for items                                left with your pet.

Medications -      It is a good idea to provide extra in case 
                               you pet needs to stay longer than you reserved.

Registration and Vaccination Forms - We can not accept 
                                any guest without the Boarding Agreement    
                                forms and Vaccination Records.

Label All Items Left With Your Pet

Your K-9's Vacation

Outside Play Time

Our guests enjoy supervised outside play time with our staff.  We use an individual play model to insure the safety of our guests.  We understand boarding can sometimes be stressful on the furbaby's in our care and we prefer that our guests are able to enjoy themselves without the worry of injury from another guest.

Visiting and Field Trips

During your Furfamily members stay, you can visit during office hours Monday-Saturday 9a-4:30p except Sunday & Holidays closed. You are welcome in the kennel area as long as you have signed a Kennel Access Authorization.  Click HERE to view and download the form.  Download and submit the form with your boarding paperwork, bring it with you at check in, or  fill it out at check in.  Everyone in your party that wants access to the kennel restricted area needs to have an authorization on file.

We have 4 secure play yards available to hang out and enjoy some time together.  Our play yards are available for use without scheduling between Noon-1p.  Between 9a-Noon / 1p-4p you do need to schedule a yard and a time.

You can pick up and return your pet for a fun day out between 

Appointments are never needed to visit or check in/out for field trips during office hours. 

Contagious Illness While In Care Policy

Should your pet show symptoms of a contagious illness while in care, you will be notified to check them out as soon as possible.  They will be isolated until you can check them out.   

Should your pet be on-site and we suspect another guest has a respiratory illness, you will be notified and have the option of checking your pet out or letting them remain on-site.